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Elisabeth Kilcourse

London Marathon 2017 2:59:52

Elisabeth is a qualified GP and doctor doing further training in Sports and Exercise Medicine based in Manchester. Outside of work she competes in both running and triathlon events.

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I started using Edge because of recurrent injuries as well as balancing training alongside a busy job I wanted the reassurance I was getting the training balance right. In addition to this I have Coeliac Disease and so I want to be sure my iron and vitamin D levels especially are ok. To date my blood results have all been very good which gives me the reassurance I am at least getting my fuelling and training balance right.

Elisabeth Kilcourse Elisabeth Kilcourse

Lis started out as a competitive swimmer as a teenager and then continued swimming throughout her years at medical school. Whilst pursuing her medical career she took up running for fitness and as a stress relief from a busy job, taking part in several half and full marathons over this time. However, night shifts and busy on call rotas as a junior doctor meant that sport was something that was squeezed into the day.

In 2017, she completed the London Marathon in under 3 hours despite working in A&E at the time; at this time she decided to start to add structure to her training as she started work as a GP. For two years she  competed over short distance running events; 1500m/3k/5k. Unfortunately due to multiple injuries she kept finding herself back in the pool, loving swimming again after a ten year break. She also found a love for open water swimming!

In late 2020, as a challenge to herself in the global pandemic, she decided to buy a bike and take up cycling with a view of getting into triathlons. This year she has competed in triathlons, running and even swimming competitions (again!), never looking back!

Elisabeth also uses our MyFORM® female hormone mapping test to learn more about her hormones and how this can help monitor her health and training load.

Elisabeth's Favourites

What is your pre-competition meal?

Rice porridge with apple peanut butter, milk, blueberries and honey

Favourite music for motivation?

Anything Afrobeats/RnB/Hiphop my partner was a DJ back in the day and can usually find me a good playlist to get me going through a hard session

What is your go-to treat?

I don’t really see foods as treats, but I do enjoy a coffee and cake with a friend

What Superhero would you be?

Wonder Woman

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