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Edge sports blood tests analyse important biomarkers related to energy, recovery, immunity and hormone balance. This results in a deeper understanding of your body’s physiological responses to training and nutrition, and helps you to avoid downtime caused by illness, injury, or fatigue.

Track your hs-CRP levels with Edge sports blood tests
Track your testosterone levels with Edge sports blood tests
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Cortisol & Prolactin

74% of our athletes saw their stress reduce



64% of our athletes saw their energy levels increase



75% of our athletes saw a reduction in inflammation



74% of our athletes saw an improvement in hydration

How can sports blood tests help?

Maximise Recovery

Our sports blood tests check your recovery biomarkers, which can reveal if your body is struggling to recover after training. Overtraining can lead to chronic inflammation and stress, which causes poor performance, fatigue and burnout. Ensure your body is recovering properly with our at-home tests.

Increase Performance

Analyse critical performance markers in your blood to identify areas for improvement and unlock your potential. Understanding what’s going on inside - whether it’s your hormones, stress markers or vitamins - can help you smash through plateaus.

Optimise Nutrition

What you eat can be the difference between a podium finish or DNF. You can learn what vitamins and minerals your body needs through blood testing, giving you the data needed to personalise your diet to supercharge your metabolism and fuel maximum performance.

Balance Hormones

Hormones rule your game. Blood tests shed light on hormone imbalances impacting energy, strength, and recovery, such as low testosterone. Blood analysis helps you to get back in sync and train in tune with your body.

Track Progress

Blood tests help make it easy to monitor key health markers over time and track your progress with scientific precision. Tracking over time can help you understand if changes to your training, diet and recovery are having a positive impact.

Avoid Injury

Don't wait for pain to strike. Blood tests can detect early signs of inflammation or nutritional deficiencies before they lead to injury, keeping you going and your goals in sight.


There’s a reason why so many top athletes trust us to take them to the next level. Just ask any of our award-winning ambassadors who subscribe to our regular sports testing.

Our ambassadors
Harry Tanfield sitting on a bike
Edge has helped me to train better, by providing insight through highlighting deficiencies to the correct diet / fuel for my body to perform best.

Harry Tanfield

AwardBritish National Track Champion, Individual Pursuit

Chris Silver Finishing an event
With the support of Edge it is great peace of mind knowing that my biomarkers are in check and really gives me confidence to begin to push on with my training.

Chris Silver

Award1st in the Snowman Triathlon, UK

Becky Hair Cycling uphill
Testing with Edge enables me to see the impact my training may be having on my hormone levels

Becky Hair

AwardCycling National Hill Climb National Championships

Our ambassadors
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You can choose from one of our expert-led sports test profiles or create your own panel from over 30 biomarkers.

Blood test for

Male Cyclist

Our Cycling home blood test is designed to help men optimize energy, reduce injury and stress associated with this endurance sport.


18 Biomarkers Included

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Results in 2 working days

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Male Cyclist

Blood test for

Female Cyclist

Our at-home Female Cycling blood test analyses biomarkers essential to help female cyclists improve energy levels, reduce recovery time and improve gains.


19 Biomarkers Included

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Flexible subscription


Results in 2 working days

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Female Cyclist

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