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Becky Hair

Cycling National Hill Climb National Championships

Becky is a cyclist and runner with a background in triathlon. She works as a physio respiratory specialist at a heart and lung transplant hospital (Royal Papworth) as well as a personal trainer.

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As an endurance athlete I know how easy it is to tip the balance from training and pushing your limits by ‘over-reaching’, to over training and having the potential to be injured. This is where MyFORM® has really been able to help. Tracking my hormones over my entire menstrual cycle has enabled me see the impact my training is having and avoid putting stress on my body resulting in a loss of periods.

Becky Hair Becky Hair

Becky started off as a swimmer and got into weight lifting when she was around 16 (training as a personal trainer).

Becky continued swimming throughout university, which then led her on to combine it with other disciplines to become a triathlete.

Becky’s career as a triathlete progressed to an elite level within the UK super series and she represented Lyon within the division 2 French Grand Prix League. This was a huge accolade, with top placings of 10th throughout two summers of racing from 2016-2018.

However, Becky chose not to continue as a triathlete at this level as she was not able to work as a respiratory physiotherapist and compete at her highest ability due to weekend and on-call working.

Since then Becky has focused on cycling and running, placing in the top 120 in the UK for 3000m to 10km running, and placing 9th at national championships for hill climbing in cycling in 2020.

Becky races in the British Women’s Team Cup races which include the top 60 domestic riders in the country.

Becky’s using our MyFORM® hormone mapping test to ensure her training load isn’t impacting her hormones and putting her a risk of RED-S.

Becky's Favourites

What is your pre-competition meal?

Chicken salad with garlic bread - nice and light on the stomach but also full of the good stuff!

Favourite music for motivation?

Drum and bass or house music. Paranoid London features highly on my playlists!

What is your go-to treat?

Mini cheddars/Doritos cool original/pringles sour cream and chive!

What Superhero would you be?

Superwoman. Because who doesn’t love that outfit!

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