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Natasha Harrison

European Junior Champion

Natasha Harrison is a 400m runner. In 2018, she was a finalist at the European Youth Championships and in 2019 became European Junior Champion, running the first leg in the 4x400m.

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I was advised by a Sport and Exercise Doctor to use the Edge products and upon his advice started using the female runner test. This allows us to monitor my biomarkers to see how they change across the season. I can easily compare how my levels change across different periods of training and ensure that any issues are highlighted so that I can train and race to the best standard.

Natasha Harrison Natasha Harrison

Natasha started running at an early age. Her primary school teacher was keen on everyone being involved in cross country. After finishing highly in school cross country races and competing for her borough she joined Stockport Harriers. Natasha then went on to run 800m as a Junior and won national medals at this distance.

As an U18 she began to compete over 400m and has gone on to compete for Great Britain over this distance. In 2018, Natasha was a finalist over 400m at the European Youth Championships and in 2019 became the European Junior Champion, running the first leg in the 4x400m. She is also the English Schools 400m record holder and has represented England Seniors at Manchester International, winning the 400m and second as part of the 4x400m. Competing all over Europe and meeting other athletes from different countries is what keeps her motivated. Most recently she became double BUCS Indoor Champion in 400m and 4x200m relay with Loughborough University.

When not studying or training, she likes to bake, especially cinnamon swirls and brownies.

Natasha is using our Female Runner test to learn more about her hormones, key biomarkersand how this can help monitor her health and training load.

“I was advised by a Sports Doctor to use the Edge tests, particularly the Female Runner test to keep track and monitor my biomarkers across the season. Having a history of low iron, Edge really helps me to keep track of when I need to supplement and see how training is effecting my body. Edge has helped me improve my energy levels and therefore has had a key impact in my performance successes.”

Natasha's Favourites

What is your pre-competition meal?

My pre-competition meal is couscous or pasta with chicken, which works both before and between events!

Favourite music for motivation?

I like to listen to Adele.

What is your go-to treat?

Cinnamon Swirls are my favourite treat.

What Superhero would you be?

Spiderman so I can quickly get to places.

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