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Jamie Watt

Ironman World Champs Qualifier

Jamie Watt is an age group triathlete from London who has qualified for the Ironman World Championships in St George 2022.

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In 2019 I overtrained and ended up with an excessive inflammation injury whilst training for an Ironman. I needed to take a long hard look at my preparation. Edge helps me identify when I’m pushing too hard, when I need a rest, or when I can still maintain the training intensity. As a result, I’ve managed a 3rd consecutive PB in my IM races and hit the start line feeling 100% ready – a very rare thing indeed!

Jamie Watt Jamie Watt

Jamie started triathlon after watching the elites train at Loughborough University. Whilst never achieving the great heights of the group, he fell in love with the sport, the variety of training, focus and motivation not just in sport, but in lots of other aspects in life. Studying IT and becoming an IT Consultant working in London, attention to detail is part of his makeup for better or worse!

In 2013 Jamie did his first sprint triathlon at Blenheim Palace, but his real love is now long distance triathlons. The camaraderie from other triathletes is very special with a ‘we’re all in this together’ mentality. Crowd support at long course has helped him learn to put up with the pain.

First competing in a 70.3 IM distance in Exmoor as preparation for IM Wales in 2015, he has now completed 3 Ironman distance triathlons qualifying for the World Championships as a result.  He is now frantically preparing for this race in St George later in 2022. With the course rumoured to be very ‘lumpy’, he is looking forward to seeing what lessons he has learnt over the years. A long term supporter of Edge tests, we look forward to watching him fly in 2022!

Jamie is using our Male Triathlete Test to learn more about his hormones, key biomarkers and how this can help monitor his health and training load.

Jamie's Favourites

What is your pre-competition meal?

The night before a race, after a few days of carb loading. I usually have white rice, chicken and spinach. Sits well in the stomach, ticks the boxes for nutrition and prepares the glycogen levels as best as possible

Favourite music for motivation?

Anything Trance and Progressive – Love Eric Prydz, Cristoph and anything in ASOT.

What is your go-to treat?

Don’t tell my coach, but Cadbury’s chocolate buttons (extra large ‘sharing’ pack) 😊

What Superhero would you be?

Ironman – too obvious... haha

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