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Improved performance? It’s all about the biomarkers. By keeping track of yours, you can pinpoint patterns and create a comprehensive profile of your body’s unique biomarker composition. That way, you’ll get scientific insights into how changes impact your biochemistry, so you can work harder and train safer.

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You’ll receive a personalised report from our team of sports medicine doctors so you can hone your training, nutrition, and recovery plans. You can even export the results to your coach, giving everyone full visibility.

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How often you test is up to you. You set the testing frequency that suits, and we’ll despatch your kit in good time.

Don’t worry if you ever want to change frequency. You can simply adjust the timing through our app. Likewise, if you only want to test biomarkers that need improving or add additional markers, then the app gives you the functionality to build a test personalised to your needs. And if you ever need to pause or cancel your kit delivery, our app makes that easy too.

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