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What makes a truly exceptional athlete?

We think it’s that never-ending dedication to achieving those small improvements. Those little enhancements to their performance that takes them from good to great. So many of those wins begin by having a comprehensive view of their blood biometrics.

That’s why we created EDGE for athletes like you. By offering an unparalleled deep dive into your biometric data, you can tell so much about your body. From how to boost your performance and avoid frequent injuries, to staying energised and avoiding fatigue from over-training. Whatever your sport, whatever your level, you can get the EDGE.

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Looking to go further, higher, faster? The answer is inside you. Your blood and biomarkers hold the key to unlocking optimal performance.

Through easy-to-use home blood tests, you’ll get invaluable insights into how your body works. The team at EDGE are experts at interpreting the results and highlighting the areas you need to focus on to reach the next level.

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Not all blood testing services are created equal. EDGE is designed specifically for athletes who train hard, and compete hard. Each test is created to cover the most important areas that impact your performance, like muscle breakdown, hydration, energy levels, immunity, hormone balance and more.

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Over the last six years EDGE has become a pioneer in home blood testing and is the UK’s leading sports specialist blood testing service. We’re passionate about science and health, and are always looking for ways to empower people with better data about their bodies. That's why we developed MyFORM®, a ground-breaking hormone mapping tool which helps female athletes identify if they are at risk of RED-S.