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Issy Morris

BUCS Biathlon Champion 2020

Issy Morris is a 22 years old elite triathlete training in the National Triathlon Performance Centre Wales, based in Cardiff.

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MyFORM® allows me to track the fluctuations of my hormones and provides explanations for why my periods haven’t become regular straight away. The most frustrating part of this whole process of RED-S has been that I feel physically fine, I don’t have an injury or an illness to show for my near 12 months off training, yet the results from MyFORM® confirm why I still need to continue resting for now.

Issy Morris Issy Morris

Issy went to Cardiff Metropolitan University where she studied Sports Studies and is now waiting to begin her masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

Her sporting career to date has shown her how vital fuelling is to her overall performance but most importantly her health. Edge has been a vital part of this journey for Issy, as it has flagged when her hormone levels were not where they should be, even before any physical signs appeared.

Issy started using Edge when she found out she had RED-S. She used the Female Fitness test every couple of months to see whether her hormone levels were increasing to the correct levels for her age. This was invaluable as with a condition like RED-S the signs are often hidden or masked.

Now that Issy’s hormone levels are where they should be, she is using MyFORM® female hormone mapping product which allows her to track the changes in her hormone levels throughout her menstrual cycle. By doing this, Issy is able to work with her doctor to assess how much she can increase her training.

Read about Issy’s recovery from RED-S and how MyFORM® has helped.

Issy's Favourites

What is your pre-competition meal?

If it’s pre-race morning it’ll always be porridge with banana and honey. Usually in the form of a large porridge pot as it can be easily packed and eaten wherever you are in the world! If it’s the evening before, my go-to is always pasta!

Favourite music for motivation?

I’m useless with names of songs so it’ll tend to be a random motivational playlist already created on my phone. But you can’t not feel motivated after a bit of Eminem.

What is your go-to treat?

This varies a lot but you can’t beat a good sticky toffee pudding with ice cream.

What Superhero would you be?

Not really the superhero type but I guess being spiderman would be pretty cool.

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