Harry Tanfield sitting on a bike

Road and track cyclist

Harry Tanfield

British National Track Champion, Individual Pursuit

Professional cyclist Harry Tanfield has clocked up major wins in both road and track cycling, with podiums on both national and international stages. 2019 saw him join the UCI World Tour to compete at the highest level internationally, and also race with Team GB as part of the first ever mixed relay time trial at the Road World Championships, where the team came away with a bronze medal.

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I find the information about my blood values at different points in the season very valuable; it helps me guide my training and monitor the training load. Equally my nutritionist, coach and gym coach use this information to better enable them to direct my training. It’s a complete team effort and Edge makes this possible. Plus the test is super quick and easy.

Harry’s racing career kicked off in 2015 and he has climbed progressively through the ranks of professional cycling since then. In 2019 he signed with a team to race at UCI World Tour level, the pinnacle of competitive road cycling.

Competing in both road and track cycling, he has an impressive list of Palmares, including the 2018 British National Individual Pursuit champion, the first English winner of a stage of the Tour de Yorkshire in 2019 and 3rd place in the UCI Road World Championships alongside his team-mates in the first ever mixed relay time trial.

As a professional cyclist, he has the support of team resources as well as a coach, gym coach and nutritionist, and Edge complements this in-depth approach to training. The information Edge provides allows Harry and his trainers to get a greater insight into how his body is reacting to the stresses placed upon it, so together they can help him optimise his performance.

In 2021 Harry rode with Team Qhubeka Assos. They’re the only African registered World Tour team in the world and ride to spread the message of the Qhubeka charity globally. Qhubeka helps people in Africa gain access to bicycles to help them travel more easily to school, clinics and jobs.

Harry uses Edge to help with general health and body monitoring to improve his physical performance. Harry says, ‘I’ve really got to know my body’s values more which are true to me and not just a “generic” range. I’ve been able to change things in my diet through food and supplements to help improve certain blood markers which have been highlighted as low which in turn has led to better overall health and performance.’

Harry’s top tip is to ‘Fuel for the work required, REST enough (very much overlooked). Don’t keep doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.’

Harry Tanfield Harry Tanfield

Harry's Favourites

What is your Pre-competition meal?

This does depend on the nature of the event. If it’s just a standard 180km race day then I have a good breakfast just before 9 and that sees me through for the race late morning. I’ll usually have a big bowl of porridge with some fresh fruit, and an omelette on the side, plus tea and coffee if I can.

What Superhero would you be

Maybe Batman. Mainly because of his car.

What is your go-to treat

Hmmmmm.. Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like YumYums! Although one bite is usually enough, they are pretty rich.

Favourite music for motivation

I don’t particularly have a set playlist, but if I’m on the home trainer in the evening then Radio 1 dance anthems usually is spot on.

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