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I’ve worked in healthcare for 15 years, first on behaviour change campaigns for the NHS and then as a strategy planner for private health, before starting Forth in 2016. The motivation for founding Forth was grounded in a deep-seated passion to work in a business that created a lasting and positive social impact.

Our aim is to help women become experts on their own body so they can feel their best throughout their life. By doing so we hope to reduce the number of years women spend in poor health and close the gender health data gap.

In 2021, frustrated by the limitations in female hormone testing we launched our ground-breaking product MyFORM®, which is the first test in the world to combine blood testing with AI to map how a woman’s hormones fluctuate throughout her cycle.

In 2016 when we first launched Forth, I was told by investors that a market didn’t exist for the service I envisioned. How different the landscape now looks as people move towards becoming stewards of their own health and actively seek to measure and track their own biological data. And how different my journey would have been if I had listened to the advice I was given back then. Today I am one of only 2000 women in the UK to have raised over £1m in equity investment to make Forth one of the UK’s leading companies in Women’s Health.

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