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New Year, New Me. Or Maybe Not?

New Year comes with new year resolutions right? Traditionally they go hand in hand. But why by the 2nd week (or day!) of January have we already given up our goals? We asked ambassador Eloise du Luart why she won’t be setting new year resolutions this year and why that shouldn’t be your only focus.

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January 10, 2022

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Maybe it is boring or maybe it comes with age, but the more New Years that come round the more I realise it is not about creating a new self, but building on the self you have already worked so hard to create. What I mean by this is you’ve already made so much progress up until now, however hard it is to see it, so why start back at the bottom when you can build on your solid foundations.

To help focus on this and the bigger picture here are my top three tips to keep the perspective and keep the faith in what you are building, as hey Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Whether it is your next race or a PB you are focused on, the result will not just happen after 3 days of the “perfect” diet or “optimal” training plan. What will get you a few steps closer is consistency.

Yes, not just 3 weeks at the start of the year but weeks and months of just showing up each day and giving what you have. This does not mean every day will be easy or every day you will smash said session. Just being average everyday will do far more than 3 weeks of 110%, all-in commitment that leaves you burnt out, bored and unmotivated to continue.

So be realistic and trust the process, you will get there when you are ready if you stick to the plan.

“just being average everyday will do far more than 3 weeks of 110%, all-in commitment that leaves you burnt out, bored and unmotivated to continue”


It is also so easy to look on social media or read an article at the beginning of the New Year saying ‘X’ workout plan will make you faster or by eating ‘Y’ food you will change your life.

HOLD UP! Before you commit to 30 days of six pack crunches or daily green juices for detox, look into the science, ask certified professionals and understand what you are really being sold, as 9 times out of 10 you will be buying false promises from a market built on post-Christmas food & drink blues!

For long term athletic success, science wins for the long game. No extreme diet or training regime will be helping you 2 years down the line. Do your research and take an informed step closer to what you really want.


Yes, believe it or not you can actually have fun whilst pursuing your “serious” sporting goals. Loving what you do, having fun with others and making sure you do not lose sight of why you started will help you to stay motivated but also train sustainably. What you are doing is enough.

Fun may come from joining a squad to train with a few times a week or mixing it up with café or adventure ride from time to time. Make sure to include a little or a lot of fun on a regular basis to keep your mind and body wanting to push harder. So when the next ‘serious’ session comes along you won’t dread it!

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Eloise du Luart, Professional Triathlete
Eloise du Luart is a professional triathlete and Forth Edge ambassador. Eloise turned professional in 2018 coming third in the Hereford Duathlon the same year. Prior to that Eloise won the ETU Triathlon European Championships in 2014 and the ITU Duathlon World Championships in 2013.

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