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Jasmijn Muller to attempt Land’s End to John o’ Groats AND the 1,000 mile record

After regrettably having to postpone her July attempt due to hot weather, we are thrilled to confirm that Jasmijn Muller will attempt the women’s solo cycling record’s for Land’s End to John o’ Groats Saturday 1st September 2018, starting at 5am. After reaching John o’ Groats, Jasmijn will also go on to attempt to break the 1,000 miles world record.

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August 31, 2018

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The 39 year old London based management consultant will cover around 842.5 miles and 35,227 feet of climbing and, if all goes well, complete this in under 52 hours & 45 minutes, to arrive at the finish in Scotland by 9:45am on Monday. If Jasmijn does this, she will be breaking a record that has stood for over 15 years! It is currently held by Lynne Biddulph (née Taylor).

Not only is Jasmijn looking to break the current LEJOG record but if the weather conditions are good, she hopes to continue another record attempt by riding on to complete a distance of 1,000 miles and challenging the existing record of 64 hours and 38 minutes, which is also held by Lynne Biddulph (née Taylor).

Muller credits her inspiration to a meeting with Eileen Sheridan who set her own LEJOG time of 59 hours and 7 Minutes in 1954. Sheridan’s own 1,000 mile record stood for 48 years until 2002 when it was beaten by Lynne Biddulph. After hearing Eileen Sheridan talk at a local event, Jasmijn decided to set her sights on the challenge as a celebration of what can be achieved with determination, persistence and sheer grit.

Jasmijn knows all too well the enormity of the challenge ahead after her failed attempt at breaking the record in September 2017 due to sickness. Anyone who knows Jasmijn, knows she is not one to give up. This time she sets out a little wiser, a little better prepared and even more motivated and determined.

Since her last attempt, Jasmijn hasn’t been exactly taking it easy. In the last 18 months, she has become the ‘World 24 Hour Time Trial Champion’, was the first woman in the ‘National 24 Hour Time Trial Championships’ (being beaten only by two of the male riders), was the first woman in ‘Revolve 24’ and ‘Zandvoort 24 Hour’ (again being beaten only by two of the male riders) and was the fastest female rider on ‘London-Edinburgh-London’, the 890 mile road cycling challenge.

Jasmijn says:
“For me, LEJOG isn’t just about breaking a record, everyone who has ever attempted the ride knows that it’s a test of who you are as much as of what you can do; This year I go into the attempt with my eyes wide open and the learnings of 2017 behind me; I hope that I’ve got the same inner strength as the remarkable men and women who have taken on this challenge over the years; In turn, I hope that I can inspire others to challenge their own limits or enjoy the satisfaction of travelling from A to B under your own steam.”

Jasmijn has chosen Cancer Research UK as the charity to support because of the admiration she holds for people enduring cancer and cancer treatment. It was a CRUK 100 mile bike ride in 2010 that drew her to cycling as a sport and is why Jasmijn continues to raise funds for the charity.

The team here at Edge HQ simply find Jasmijn inspirational and are honoured to be supporting her with her biometric tracking. She is proof that if you are dedicated to something and you keep at it, you can achieve anything. From everyone here at Edge… Go Smash it Jasmijn!!


Sadly Jasmijn was unable to complete her record attempt. She did incredibly well, completing over 75% of the route and ahead of the current record holder for much of it. She’s obviously disappointed but physically ok. So far she has raised over £7,000 for Cancer Research UK.

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